"The Bullet Train"

I love taking the Shinkansen to Osaka. It’s fast, quiet and the scenery along the way is wonderful. Maybe one day there will be something like it in California; from Los Angeles to San Francisco!

In a few days Hirotaka Ogawa will join me and we’ll rehearse for a gig in Osaka on the 21st (see the flyer in the post below). I’m really looking forward to performing in my home town and seeing many old school friends. My parents will be there too. The concert will be filmed so I hope to post excerpts soon.

I’ve been invited to speak at several elementary schools in Osaka about my experiences sharing the koto with westerners through my concerts and recordings in the United States. I’m sure they’ll also want to know about what it was like to attend the Grammy Awards.

So, what do you think about the new website? It was designed and built by my friend Dave, a drummer in New York. Arigatou Dave.