Yukiko Matsuyama

"My music reflects world music's essence, merging diverse cultures with Japanese nuances and universal grooves"
Yukiko Matsuyama infuses traditional Japanese music with contemporary flair. Her performances are a captivating blend of cultural depth and innovative spirit, reflecting her unique artistic journey.  
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About Yukiko

Yukiko Matsuyama, an esteemed Koto artist, excels in intertwining the classic rhythms of the Japanese Koto with contemporary music styles. Her collaborations with artists like John York, Shakira, Hirotaka Ogawa, and notably her Grammy-winning work with Paul Winter, showcase her inventive musical approach. Yukiko's unique style revitalizes traditional Japanese melodies by weaving them into the tapestry of modern musical genres, creating an engaging, cross-cultural auditory experience.

About Koto Yuki Band

The Koto Yuki Band is a dynamic ensemble that uniquely blends the traditional Japanese Koto with modern genres. Their music is a creative fusion, bringing a fresh, contemporary edge to the Koto, making it relevant in today's diverse musical landscape. The band's performances are a celebration of cultural diversity, showcasing how traditional Japanese elements can harmonize beautifully with Western music styles. Their innovative approach has earned them acclaim in the San Joaquin County music scene, appealing to a wide range of audiences who appreciate cross-cultural musical explorations.